cluster exchange scheme

Giving time back to the farmer

  • Much easier & quicker liner change
  • No hassle change process, new clusters arrive automatically
  • Liner inspection service to check your wash systems
  • Improving cleaning regimes and reducing scc & mastitis
  • Latest technology - triangular + mouthpiece vented
  • We maintain the claw for you


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Cluster exchange
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How does it work?

A simple exchange process: Clusters are received assembled and ready to go. No liner assembly required.

Milkrite impulse air

Latest Technology

Upgrade your cluster and get access to the latest liner technology: Impulse & Mouthpiece vented liners.

sub feature process

Management process

Easy ordering, no hassle process. Clusters arrive on time, liners are assembled. Easy change operation.

Impulse Claw

Liner inspection

Liner inspection process to measure the efficiency of your wash process.