Dual layer tubing that gives the benefits of longer life and hygienic properties associated with silicone, but with the robustness and value of black tubing


The inner white layer of a special thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) rubber has superb hygienic properties and is resistant to butterfat and acids. Butterfat cannot pass through this layer, so the tube stays clean.

The black rubber outer provides its high durability & flexibility and resists ozone cracking commonly seen in dairy tubes.



ultraclean tubing dual
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Product Range

See Milkrites complete tubing range including Ultraclean, Rubber and Silicone

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Resists Butterfats

No butterfats being absorbed into the surface helps maintain high milk quality

milkrite ultraclean

No Cracking

The TPV can withstand the high temperature detergents being passed through it with little degradation or cracking

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Long Lasting

TPV is a flexible plastic layer that is highly resistant to chemicals and butterfats giving it a longer life span