References to other manufacturers by their company names, trademarks or product references are for identification purposes and are used only to indicate the intended purpose of Milkrite liners and their compatibility with the equipment of those manufacturers.



Milkrite guarantees that your liner will last 2500 milkings or 6 months, whichever comes soonest – provided the liner is used according to the parlour manufacturer’s or Milk-Rite’s guidelines. We will replace your liners should you have any problems. You should inspect the liner on a regular basis and replace it at 2500 milkings to ensure optimum performance.



No single style of liner is right for every dairy due to the variety of teat sizes, vacuum levels, milking equipment and practices. Users should always be watchful for changes in udder health, especially when a different style of liner is used for the first time. If you do see any changes stop using the liners and check with your dealer, service agent or Milkrite to make sure operating conditions are correct and that your liner type is correct.

If you do not use our products in accordance with the instructions for use set out above, you may invalidate the warranty which is contained in Milkrite’s standard conditions of sale. You should inspect the liner/tube on a regular basis and replace it once it becomes worn or damaged. Milkrite recommends it’s liners are changed after 2500 milkings.