8-Point plan


A simple guide to good practice when milking, to help keep good teat condition.

Only milk clean teats   Position clusters carefully
  Ensure excellent cow comfort, bed well, clip excessive udder hair, use water sparingly and clean teats thoroughly with individual medicated towels.     Avoid twists and uneven milk-out and work such that clusters go on 90 seconds after start of fore milking. avoid attaching clusters sooner than 90 seconds.
Fore strip every teat   Remove clusters carefully soon after the milk stops flowing
  Check carefully for mastitis while massaging each teat for optimum oxytocin release     Avoid liner slip as milking slows down and remove teat cups after shutting off vacuum.
Pre-dip if required   Dip teats immediately after cluster removal
  Reduce number of environmental bacteria with a fast acting pre-milk dip.     After cluster removal promptly apply a good quality dip over the lower third of each teat.
Dry teats thoroughly   Use a loafing area after milking
  Use a disposable paper towel for each cow for thorough and efficient drying.     Ensure cows remain standing for 20 minutes after milking by providing fresh feed after they leave.