milkrite|InterPuls acquires Merrick’s, Inc. Calf Nurser Bottle and Super Calf Nipple product lines
Friday, June 08, 2018

milkrite|InterPuls is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Calf Nurser Bottle and Super Calf  Nipple business from Merrick’s, Inc., a performance leader and manufacturer in animal nutrition and animal feed products. The acquisition took place on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018, with the business moving to the milkrite|InterPuls Johnson Creek, WI facility as of that date. mikrite|InterPuls have full confidence that there will be a smooth transition as it is already well acquainted with Merrick’s and its  super calf nipple products, having been the exclusive manufacturer for over twenty-five years.


milkrite|InterPuls is a leading manufacturer of milking technology solutions and dairy farm services in over 80 countries with expertise in milking point technology, animal health & dairy management solutions


The integration of the business will take place immediately. All requests or orders should be directed to the milkrite|InterPuls organization at our premises in Johnson Creek, WI Tel. +1 (800) 558 0150 – E-Mail: